Each state has its specific requirements. All students that will be practicing on live models will need to obtain a Florida tattoo artist license, prior to tattooing, and will also need to take biomedical waste training. We will provide the biomedical waste training on Day 1.

The tattoo artist license requires completion of a three-hour bloodborne pathogen and communicable disease course which has been approved by the state, found at this link: http://www.floridahealth.gov/…al-health/tattooing/ tattoo-educational-materials.html.

The Application for Tattoo Artist License specifies the required documentation to submit with the completed application and fees. Applications should be submitted to the local office having jurisdiction of the tattooing program in the county in which the artist resides. The list of counties is on the last page of the application. Once you have filled out all required information, you will need to notify us, so that we can provide our business information for processing. If you fail to provide this, the state will deem your application incomplete.